This is real. Deez Nuts 2016. Why are you not Iowa Proud already?

Actually, according to Leon Harris at ABC 7, you already are:

Approaching double digits in polls in Minnesota and Iowa too!

I've chronicled the best candidate ever already as a way to shake up this upcoming election. I would even want to be Deez Nuts' campaign manager!

To be fair though -- even though I love Deez Nuts I gotta keep it real -- it's not 7% against all candidates in Minnesota or 8% against all candidates in Iowa, or even 9% of all candidates in North Carolina. You may hear some people say that. The poll was phrased as if you had to choose between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Deez Nuts.....who would you pick?

Trump led Clinton 40-38 percent, "Not sure" got 12%, and Deez Nuts got 9. This says that 9% of voters in North Carolina (as well as the 7% in Minnesota and 8% in Iowa) would definitely vote for literally anything not named Trump or Clinton, and that another 12% would think about it!

This was thanks to a company named Public Policy Polling, and they even tested Deez Nuts' favorability in North Carolina.

Public Policy Polling

This is sublime. Unfortunately, it will all come to an end soon.

Deez Nuts is actually a 15-year old in Wallingford, Iowa named Brady Olson. He filled out the form that literally anybody can fill out but if a candidate gets too popular (either with votes or money raised) they have to fill out a different document (called a Form 1, as opposed to the Form 2) and the federal government does something silly, like check the name and address for authenticity.

Which means -- depending on your point of view -- the government either doesn't waste taxpayer money researching people who fill out the Form 2, or they just let it slide so people can have their fun.