This doctor needs to work on a lot more than just other people's cavities. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, August 11th...

Havertown, PA- A drunk driver was arrested after parking his car at a police station.


44-year-old Sean McCullough realized he was too drunk to drive home early Wednesday morning, so he had a moment of clarity--or stupidity.

McCullough wanted to find a safe place to pull over and sober he drove to the police station, drove across the grass and sidewalk, and parked next to several patrol cars. Officers saw him and immediately came outside.

McCullough admitted to drinking 12 to 14 beers throughout the night. He was too drunk for cops to conduct a field sobriety cops drove him to the hospital to draw his blood. McCullough has been charged with careless driving and DUI. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

East Alton, IL- A guy got arrested...after reporting his own crime.


19-year-old Joshua Franklin arrived at the police station less than an hour after a convenience store robbery. He tried to throw off the cops by saying he witnessed the robbery.

However, Franklin matched the description of the suspect, as well as images from the store's security cameras. Police say Franklin changed his shirt before coming to the station but did nothing else to alter his appearance. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Good idea...poor execution!

Mars, PA- A dentist has been suspended for being drunk on the, REALLY drunk.

Dr. Gregory Bellotti was scheduled to see 14 patients the day of March 23rd.


And he must have been struggling because an employee called 911 later that day, expressing concern about his "altered level of consciousness."

That concern turned out to be valid--Dr. Bellotti's blood alcohol content was .418, more than FIVE times the legal limit. He told police that he'd chugged an entire bottle of vodka during his lunchbreak. Records show that Dr. Bellotti had treated eight patients before taking his liquid lunch...

Bellotti has just been charged with reckless endangerment and public drunkenness, and likely won't be fixing teeth for quite a while. [WPXI-TV]

I'd expect PATIENTS to booze up before going to the dentist, not the other way around.

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