We deal with a lot at the airport--lost luggage, long lines, flight delays. This should NEVER be one of the issues. Here's 'Crappy News' for Monday, September 25th.

Detroit, MI- Officials at the Detroit Metropolitan airport are investigating after bodily fluids were found in some restroom soap dispensers.


And it's the kind of bodily fluids that only a man can provide...if you get what I mean.

An airport custodian says it was probably an employee responsible for the incident, simply because the typical passenger wouldn't know how to access the soap dispensers. The Airport Authority is in the process of installing new, tamper-proof dispensers and are more frequently monitoring the restrooms. [Fox News]

Because we didn't already deal with enough annoying things at airports...

Gainesville, FL- A guy robbed a bank, then went to a very unusual place with it.


32-year-old Samuel Reaves stole about $10,000 in cash from a Wells Fargo branch on Thursday. Then, he decided to treat himself at KFC...because where else would you celebrate?!

A bank employee followed him and took pictures with her phone while waiting for police. The cops found Reaves a short time later inside the restaurant and arrested him. [Gainesville Sun]

This was a finger-lickin' bad idea.

Leesburg, FL- A woman went home to protect her kids from Hurricane Irma...and lost her job.


Ami Honea opted to take her 17-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son to Atlanta to avoid the hurricane. Honea told her boss that it was the only option to keep her kids safe. But when she came back to work last Monday, she was terminated.

Honea worked as a nurse at the county jail, which can't exactly lock up during a disaster.

Florida--like Iowa--is a right-to-work state, so there's nothing preventing this from happening, but you'd think her job would be a little more understanding. [WFTV]

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