2016 is 19 days old, and if the first 19 days are any indication, if you know someone who is even kinda sorta famous and over the age of 45 you need to hold them tight and never let them go.

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Glenn Frey is the latest. He was an extremely talented musician and actor.

I hate talking about death, because it's so depressing, and in a lot of cases the response to a person dying is so phony and cliched, and then I sound insensitive for pointing all that out.

People are surprised when people die, like this was the one person who was going to live forever and something went wrong like it was a science experiment gone bad. It's sad but it's inevitable, so enjoy the life you have. (This is not an endorsement of YOLO)

I bring this up specifically now because I have read and heard that Glenn Frey's passing was "untimely". He's been in the hospital since November after contracting two different kinds of pneumonia and being overseen by multiple specialists. I hate to say it, but it was probably his time.

I like his music, but my favorite Glenn Frey moment is him as the jerk GM of the Cardinals trying to stiff Rod Tidwell in "Jerry Maguire".

Enjoy people you care about while they are alive.

David Bowie, Lemmy the Jack & Coke guy (I will never call a Jack & Coke a "Lemmy" ever), Hans Gruber from "Die Hard" (he was also in the Harry Potter movies from what people have told me), the guy who was New York's mayor in "Ghostbusters", the guy who played Grizzly Adams, the guy who played Schneider on "One Day At A Time" (if you haven't seen these old shows on Antenna TV you're missing out)..........and even people who are around famous people like Celine Dion's husband and brother.

Yes, Celine Dion has had a terrible week. If this weren't real I'd think it was part of the plot of a really terrible movie.

I just found out while editing this story that pro wrestler "Iron" Mike Sharpe passed away too. He was a bad guy who wore a suspicious leather forearm sleeve which he loaded with "foreign objects" and clubbed people with it to win.

I may have to wrap myself in bubble wrap if I hope to survive 2016 the way it's going. Helen Mirren too. The two of us need to have coffee before the Grim Reaper decided to take someone really worth saving.