Central Iowa commuters observed beef billboards while traveling throughout the Des Moines metro area during May Beef Month and into part of June Steak Month. Thanks to the collaborative efforts between the Chickasaw, Dallas, Ida, Madison, and Sioux County Cattlemen’s Associations, working alongside the Beef Checkoff Program, five digital billboards enticed consumers to choose beef for their grills this summer with larger than life mouthwatering photos of beef positioned throughout the metro area.

“The Des Moines metro area has approximately 30 times more people than we do in all of Madison County,” said Dan Hanrahan, president of Madison County Cattlemen’s Association. “As a result of working together, we had a greater impact on promoting beef that we raise on our Iowa family farms and also getting more beef on grills this summer across Iowa. In order to increase demand for beef, we need to continue to reach larger population areas. This cooperative effort amongst counties and Beef Checkoff Program increased beef demand.”

The beef industry is concentrating advertising efforts to reach Millennials and Gen X consumers, those between 25 to 45 years of age. This consumer group is not as familiar with the benefits of beef as generations before them. They also represent a large portion of our nation’s growing population.

“Consumer research indicates this group of consumers drives on average 153 miles each week. Digital billboards are cost-effective tools to reach our intended consumer groups,” said Doug Bear, Director of Industry Relations for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “This billboard campaign funded by the beef checkoff and participating County Cattlemen’s Associations reached nearly 130,000 consumers each week in the Des Moines metro area for four weeks with a total of 518,492 million media impressions.”

This is the fifth consecutive year that digital billboards have been utilized to promote beef during May Beef Month and June Steak Month to Des Moines metro commuters.

Source:  Iowa Beef Industry Council