People get dogs for protection. Some people get guns for protection. But what about if you have a dog with a gun?

Abdelhak Senna,AFP/Getty Images

Six people have been shot by their dogs (presumably accidentally) in the past five years, according to news reports.

For example, in 2013, a Minnesota hunter was shot in the leg when his dog jumped into his boat and set off a shotgun.

Meanwhile, in 2010 in Florida, where most of these incidents (like all weird news) seem to take place, a dog jumped onto a bed and knocked a .380 pistol the ground, which resulted in its “extremely intoxicated“ owner getting shot in the hand.

There could be actually more incidents in which people didn’t seek medical care or didn’t make the news. And that's not even counting the instances where dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes didn't disable their owner's phones before shooting them.