On last night’s episode of The Bachelor -- which you can see Monday nights on KCRG-TV Channel 9 -- Kelsey finally revealed to Chris that she is a widow -- but was to sure share her “amazing” story just in time for it to be fresh on his mind at the rose ceremony.

After learning about the romantic one-on-one dates that Carly and Britt experienced with Chris, Kelsey decided to show up at Chris’ hotel and share that her husband died unexpectedly in 2015 of congestive heart failure and then use her sob story to get her first kiss.

She later revealed to the cameras that she thinks her story “is amazing” and that the show is just as much about her journey as it is about Chris’. Because of course it is

The episode also found Chris going on a romantic hot air balloon ride with frontrunner Britt, who is afraid of heights but stuck it out anyways.