Princeton Review has completed its annual survey of which colleges like to consume the most alcohol (presumably) on the weekends.

Before I tell you the list of the top 10 drinking schools of 2015, anyone else find it odd that a college that is never on the list compiles the list?

It's actually for their 2016 version of the The Best 380 Colleges guide, but it's still weird that an Ivy League school gets to do this. Conflict of interest somehow............

Anyway, here's the schools with the most hungover students in class. Yay, Big 10!

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2. University of Iowa
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison
4. Bucknell University
5. Syracuse University
6. University of California-Santa Barbara
7. West Virginia University
8. University of Georgia
9. Tulane University
10. Colgate University