We all know Santa Claus is real, and that his spying technology is the envy of the CIA, so why does anyone even bother lying or misbehaving?

Well, some people most certainly do NOT behave, and we have the list of the violators.

School Stickers is a company that provides awards to children in schools, and they have helped out Santa with the "nice list", which would be the first names of the kids who have won the most awards from their teachers.

How they determined the "naughty list" is unknown, either these are the first names of the kids who were in classes and didn't win (lowest percentage of attendance to awards), or School Stickers acquired the detention information.

Either way, you can use (or not use) this information and turn it into disinformation if need be to get your kids to act right. This list is of course subject to change, so if you are or know someone whose name is on the naughty list there's still time to get off. And if you're on the nice list you need to keep it up! Good luck.

(Editor's Note: I have kids -- as a matter of fact one boy whose name is on the naughty list and another boy who is on the nice list, and they are twins, no less -- and it is a war of attrition. They will try to wear you down and you need to stay strong and give them information on a need-to-know basis. One good way to keep kids on the nice list is to test them with little questions, like "Who is going to win the Vikings game Sunday?" Try it!)