Remember the PDA between Taylor Swift and Calvin "The Hairsniffer" Harris at the Billboard Music Awards a little more than a week ago? Yeah, that could be ancient history already.

Well, about 24 hours prior to their Billboard Music Awards moment, Calvin allegedly left a recent Las Vegas pool party with a brunette who has been described as "gorgeous". but I'm picking Taylor over her. Decide for yourself.

Taylor has since confronted him about his behavior and is demanding to know who the girl is, as she should. So maybe we can stop trying to come up with the perfect "couple name" for them.

Could the problem be they both are so notorious for dating other famous people (Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding for him, Jake Gyllenhaal, a Jonas Brother, and a member of One Direction for her) that they take the fact that they're involved with a famous person for granted?

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