I don't know if you've ever been to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store -- the actual name of the candy store by the way -- but if you have not, then allow me to recommend it, regardless of what your politics are.

I don't get political with my choices of food establishments; if I boycotted every place that did something or believed in something that I don't agree with, I'd have to live like it was the 1750s and shoot/grow my own food.

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is in the town of Jordan, about an hour or so south of the Twin Cities. Population five thousand something. Zero-point-six percent of Jordan's residents are African-American.

So MLCS did what they normally do, put up a humorous sign outside their store so everyone on 169 can see it as they drive by.

This was the sign they put up earlier this week:

Photo: CNN

And some people automatically took the #caramelapplesmatter reference as mockery of the #blacklivesmatter movement. Not a lot of people (most people found it clever and catchy) but enough for them to take it down.

Of course, the store is getting 100x the publicity than they ever did with their sign. This is from Channel 4 in Minneapolis (I interviewed for a job there once but then they saw what I look like.....just kidding, it was to run the audio board for the newscasts and I turned them down):

Post a comment below or on our social media, and tell us if you think the sign was offensive, or is the outrage over the sign overblown.