Last year, news that an entire South Dakota town could be had for $400,000 set the Internet afire. Now, the doorbusting deal is almost 40% off for 2015!

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This is a perfect Christmas present for anyone you love but want to get away from you.

Swett, South Dakota is located two hours southeast of Rapid City -- right on US Highway 18, a tank and a half of gas drive from New Hampton, Iowa -- and its price has been cut to $250,000.

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For that, the lucky buyer will receive a closed tavern that used to be really popular, an empty haunted house and six acres of prime prairie real estate. But they won't just sell it to anyone. They've had offers.

"Some of the types of individuals who have been interested in the past included people who wanted to be their own mayor, people who wanted to live off-grid, several production companies thinking about reality shows, hunters who wanted to create a hunting lodge, or somebody who wants to own a bar,” says the realtor attempting to sell the property. “They even installed shiny new town signs for Swett. The old ones had bullet holes in them.”

Seriously, who WOULDN'T want to be their own mayor? Why else would you buy your own town?