The Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament at Tri-Center, Neola is the first round of qualifying for the 2015 Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament. Find team match-ups and results here.

For each of the sixteen Class 1A and Class 2A Sectional Tournaments, the champion and runner-up wrestler in each weight class will advance to the District Tournaments on February 14.

The sectional team champion and runner-up will be the Regional Dual Team Qualifiers. The Class 1A & Class 2A team dual tournaments are set for Tuesday, February 10. Site locations and teams assigned to those sites will be announced after all sectional tournaments are completed.

Wrestling begins on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at noon.


1. Logan-Magnolia 259.0, 2. East Mills 164.5, 3. Underwood 153.0, 4. Tri-Center 133.0, 5. Treynor 124.0, 6. Southeast Iowa 118.0, 7. St. Albert 69.0.

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106 Results
1st Place - Wyatt Crocker of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Joey Jennings of Underwood
3rd Place - Chase Haas of Treynor
4th Place - Seth Noel of St. Albert

113 Results
1st Place - Alex Thomsen of Underwood
2nd Place - Garrett Thompson of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Gabe Carolus of Treynor
4th Place - Charlie Doll of St. Albert
5th Place - Tristan Vanatta of Southwest Iowa

120 Results
1st Place - Bo Geise of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Ben Christensen of East Mills
3rd Place - Anthony McCart of Southwest Iowa
4th Place - Jeremy Miller of Tri-Center
5th Place - Cody Colton of Underwood
6th Place - Jace Galvan of St. Albert

126 Results
1st Place - Christian Polley of Tri-Center
2nd Place - Gabe Holben of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Austin Ziegler of Underwood
4th Place - Brody Brandenburg of St. Albert
5th Place - Dalton Clark of Treynor

132 Results
1st Place - Alec Moorman of East Mills
2nd Place - Kaleb Reynek of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Hunter Rasmussen of Southwest Iowa
4th Place - Bronson Griffin of Tri-Center
5th Place - Garrett Martin of St. Albert

138 Results
1st Place - Dakota Moss of Southwest Iowa
2nd Place - Tom Jennings of Underwood
3rd Place - Tyler Paulson of Tri-Center
4th Place - River Meeker of Logan-Magnolia
5th Place - Trenton Pullen of East Mills
6th Place - Jackson Dunning of St. Albert

145 Results
1st Place - Luke Stortenbecker of East Mills
2nd Place - Brady Wilson of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Chris Jarrett of Tri-Center
4th Place - Marc Riley of Treynor

152 Results
1st Place - Josh Hopkins of East Mills
2nd Place - Brady Charbonneau of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Scott Ruffcorn of Tri-Center
4th Place - Alex Larsen of Treynor
5th Place - Nick Startnes of Underwood
6th Place - Augie Kouri of St. Albert

160 Results
1st Place - Cody Kingery of Underwood
2nd Place - Colton Fisher of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Broc Hansen of Southwest Iowa
4th Place - John Reber of Treynor
5th Place - Jacob Hummel of East Mills
6th Place - Noah Dickerson of Tri-Center

170 Results
1st Place - Riley Wohlers of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Sam Gregory of Treynor
3rd Place - Elijah Finn of St. Albert
4th Place - Thad Bohbot of Underwood

182 Results
1st Place - Steven Gregory of Treynor
2nd Place - Dillon Manhart of Tri-Center
3rd Place - Cavin Darnold of East Mills
4th Place - Reide Meeker of Logan-Magnolia
5th Place - Wyatt Suhr of St. Albert
6th Place - Noe Guzman of Underwood

195 Results
1st Place - Drake Johnsen of Logan-Magnolia
2nd Place - Haydn Meier of Southwest Iowa
3rd Place - Roger Freese of Underwood
4th Place - Luke Schnepel of Treynor
5th Place - Alex Hall of East Mills
6th Place - Wes Kramer of Tri-Center

220 Results
1st Place - Bret Blackburn of Southwest Iowa
2nd Place - Nick Perkins of East Mills
3rd Place - Jacob Stueve of Logan-Magnolia
4th Place - Ryan Lefeber of Tri-Center
5th Place - Collin Evans of Underwood
6th Place - Jayden Thiel of Treynor

285 Results
1st Place - Anthony Ossman of East Mills
2nd Place - Christian Jensen of Logan-Magnolia
3rd Place - Adam McDermott of Tri-Center
4th Place - Andrew Frieze of Treynor