The Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament at West Sioux, Hawarden is the first round of qualifying for the 2015 Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament. Find team match-ups and results here.

For each of the sixteen Class 1A and Class 2A Sectional Tournaments, the champion and runner-up wrestler in each weight class will advance to the District Tournaments on February 14.

The sectional team champion and runner-up will be the Regional Dual Team Qualifiers. The Class 1A & Class 2A team dual tournaments are set for Tuesday, February 10. Site locations and teams assigned to those sites will be announced after all sectional tournaments are completed.

Wrestling begins on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at noon.


1. Sibley-Ocheyedan 213.0, 2. West Lyon 183.0, 3. Akron-Westfield 180.0, 4. Hinton 150.0, 5. Lawton-Bronson 125.5, 6. Kinglsey-Pierson 118.0, 7. West Sioux 59.0.

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106 Results
1st Place - Justin Severson of West Lyon
2nd Place - Kevin Seuntjens of Kinglsey-Pierson
3rd Place - Jordan Klein of Sibley-Ocheyedan
4th Place - Max Anderson of Akron-Westfield

113 Results
1st Place - Skyler Briggs of Akron-Westfield
2nd Place - Skylar Richter of Hinton
3rd Place - Zak Stanton of Sibley-Ocheyedan
4th Place - Peyton Klarenbeek of West Lyon
5th Place - Quinn Sitzmann of Lawton-Bronson

120 Results
1st Place - Austin Eilers of Lawton-Bronson
2nd Place - Adrian Topete of West Sioux
3rd Place - AJ Nemesio of Akron-Westfield
4th Place - Stefan VanBeek of West Lyon

126 Results
1st Place - Daniel Martinsen of Akron-Westfield
2nd Place - Isaiah Caldwell of Lawton-Bronson
3rd Place - Pedro Rodriguez of Sibley-Ocheyedan
4th Place - Austin Berrera of West Sioux
5th Place - Kyler Smutzler of Hinton

132 Results
1st Place - Dylan Schuck of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Jonathan Duenas of West Sioux
3rd Place - Lucas Vondrak of Hinton
4th Place - Damien Ericson of Akron-Westfield
5th Place - Cody Severson of West Lyon
6th Place - Jeret Still of Lawton-Bronson

138 Results
1st Place - Kyle Green of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Sebastian Berg of Akron-Westfield
3rd Place - TK Mukwindidza of Hinton
4th Place - Jayden Wurth of Kinglsey-Pierson
5th Place - Jake Hupke of West Lyon
6th Place - Logan Veen-Strege of West Sioux

145 Results
1st Place - Garrett Sayler of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Tommy Toben of Akron-Westfield
3rd Place - Noah Heathcott of West Lyon
4th Place - Connor Clark of Lawton-Bronson
5th Place - Jordan Laddusaw of Kinglsey-Pierson
6th Place - Tristan Thompson of Hinton

152 Results
1st Place - Isaac Reis of Kinglsey-Pierson
2nd Place - Dylan Blinde of Akron-Westfield
3rd Place - Jayd Payne of West Lyon
4th Place - Tony Luu of Hinton

160 Results
1st Place - Trent Kruger of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Jacob A Vondrak of Hinton
3rd Place - Andy Pratt of Kinglsey-Pierson
4th Place - Gerritt Brink of Lawton-Bronson
5th Place - Christian Wolthuizen of Akron-Westfield
6th Place - Wyatt Johnson of West Sioux

170 Results
1st Place - Daniel Bishop of Hinton
2nd Place - Taeric Ezzell of West Lyon
3rd Place - Wyatt Brink of Lawton-Bronson
4th Place - Delmer Goulette of Kinglsey-Pierson

182 Results
1st Place - Hunter Dejong of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Drake McArthur of Lawton-Bronson
3rd Place - Ben Kramer of West Lyon
4th Place - Michael Nafe of Kinglsey-Pierson
5th Place - Zachary Bosse of Akron-Westfield
6th Place - Alec Wodtke of Hinton

195 Results
1st Place - Jed Van`t Hof of West Lyon
2nd Place - Tyler Tschampel of Hinton
3rd Place - Spenser Wardrip of Akron-Westfield
4th Place - Brandon Peters of Lawton-Bronson
5th Place - Darlyn Marquez of West Sioux
6th Place - Luis Gomez of Sibley-Ocheyedan

220 Results
1st Place - Dustin Brown of West Lyon
2nd Place - Matt Naig of Sibley-Ocheyedan
3rd Place - Montana Jackson of Akron-Westfield
4th Place - Jordan Gengler of Hinton
5th Place - Alex Rath of Kinglsey-Pierson
6th Place - Colton Paulson of Lawton-Bronson

285 Results
1st Place - Houston Coleman of Sibley-Ocheyedan
2nd Place - Cody Doherty of West Lyon
3rd Place - Mitch Trejo of Kinglsey-Pierson
4th Place - Chris Calhoun of Lawton-Bronson
5th Place - Bradley Young of Hinton
6th Place - Gage Tomlinson of Akron-Westfield