The Iowa High School Wrestling District Tournament at Atlantic is the final round of qualifying for the 2015 Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament. Find team match-ups and results here.

The district champion and runner-up will advance to the 2015 Iowa High School Wrestling State Tournament. Wrestling begins on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at noon.

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Ballard Final Results.

106 Results

1st Place - Zach Thompson of Perry
2nd Place - Sinjin Briggs of Gilbert
3rd Place - Klayton Keller of Saydel
4th Place - Jed Miller of Ballard
1st Place Match: Zach Thompson (Perry) 44-9, Fr. over Sinjin Briggs (Gilbert) 39-4, So. (Dec 6-1).
2nd Place Match: Sinjin Briggs (Gilbert) 39-4, So. over Klayton Keller (Saydel) 31-12, Fr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Klayton Keller (Saydel) 31-12, Fr. over Jed Miller (Ballard) 27-17, So. (Fall 1:26).

113 Results

1st Place - Tate Battani of Ballard
2nd Place - Walter Long of Bondurant-Farrar
3rd Place - Bailey Tuma of Van Meter
4th Place - Jordan Watts of Carlisle
1st Place Match: Tate Battani (Ballard) 38-10, Fr. over Walter Long (Bondurant-Farrar) 31-15, So. (Fall 1:50).
2nd Place Match: Walter Long (Bondurant-Farrar) 31-15, So. over Bailey Tuma (Van Meter) 30-9, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Bailey Tuma (Van Meter) 30-9, Sr. over Jordan Watts (Carlisle) 22-22, So. (Fall 3:34).

120 Results

1st Place - Kade VanKirk of Perry
2nd Place - Jarrett Miller of Ballard
3rd Place - Austin Smith of North Polk
4th Place - Kyle Wilkerson of ADM
1st Place Match: Kade VanKirk (Perry) 45-11, Jr. over Jarrett Miller (Ballard) 35-16, Fr. (Dec 9-4).
2nd Place Match: Jarrett Miller (Ballard) 35-16, Fr. over Austin Smith (North Polk) 32-11, Jr. (Fall 1:47).
3rd Place Match: Austin Smith (North Polk) 32-11, Jr. over Kyle Wilkerson (ADM) 24-20, Jr. (For.).

126 Results

1st Place - Gisaveri Niyibizi of Perry
2nd Place - Parker Witthuhn of Roland-Story
3rd Place - Luke Costlow of Van Meter
4th Place - Brandon Behle of Bondurant-Farrar
1st Place Match: Gisaveri Niyibizi (Perry) 34-9, Jr. over Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) 40-4, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
2nd Place Match: Parker Witthuhn (Roland-Story) 40-4, Sr. over Luke Costlow (Van Meter) 24-7, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Luke Costlow (Van Meter) 24-7, Jr. over Brandon Behle (Bondurant-Farrar) 20-17, So. (Fall 3:46).

132 Results

1st Place - Nathan Macki of Ballard
2nd Place - Tyson Manzer of Roland-Story
3rd Place - Ivan Garcia of Perry
4th Place - Oscar Ruiz of Saydel
1st Place Match: Nathan Macki (Ballard) 44-8, Sr. over Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) 34-10, Jr. (Fall 2:51).
2nd Place Match: Tyson Manzer (Roland-Story) 34-10, Jr. over Ivan Garcia (Perry) 25-23, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Ivan Garcia (Perry) 25-23, Jr. over Oscar Ruiz (Saydel) 18-13, Jr. (Dec 7-3).

138 Results

1st Place - Trevor Harsh of ADM
2nd Place - Austin Moen of Saydel
3rd Place - Louie Howlett of Ballard
4th Place - Matthew Shuka of Gilbert
1st Place Match: Trevor Harsh (ADM) 37-3, Sr. over Austin Moen (Saydel) 41-7, Sr. (Dec 6-0).
2nd Place Match: Austin Moen (Saydel) 41-7, Sr. over Louie Howlett (Ballard) 31-13, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Louie Howlett (Ballard) 31-13, Sr. over Matthew Shuka (Gilbert) 36-17, Sr. (Dec 9-6).

145 Results

1st Place - Caleb Coleman of Bondurant-Farrar
2nd Place - Wyatt Rhoads of Gilbert
3rd Place - Jacob Thompson of Perry
4th Place - Austin Scharlau of Woodward-Granger
1st Place Match: Caleb Coleman (Bondurant-Farrar) 40-2, Sr. over Wyatt Rhoads (Gilbert) 40-9, Sr. (MD 10-0).
2nd Place Match: Wyatt Rhoads (Gilbert) 40-9, Sr. over Jacob Thompson (Perry) 28-17, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Jacob Thompson (Perry) 28-17, Jr. over Austin Scharlau (Woodward-Granger) 17-11, Fr. (Fall 4:37).

152 Results

1st Place - Grant Sherman of Saydel
2nd Place - Race Brant of Woodward-Granger
3rd Place - Dalton Meyer of Bondurant-Farrar
4th Place - Kenton Brekke of Ballard
1st Place Match: Grant Sherman (Saydel) 46-1, Sr. over Race Brant (Woodward-Granger) 26-12, Jr. (Dec 6-2).
2nd Place Match: Race Brant (Woodward-Granger) 26-12, Jr. over Dalton Meyer (Bondurant-Farrar) 28-16, So. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Dalton Meyer (Bondurant-Farrar) 28-16, So. over Kenton Brekke (Ballard) 33-18, So. (Fall 3:10).

160 Results

1st Place - Zach Johnston of ADM
2nd Place - Dylan Coffin of Saydel
3rd Place - Will May of Ballard
4th Place - Alex Peebles of Nevada
1st Place Match: Zach Johnston (ADM) 38-2, Jr. over Dylan Coffin (Saydel) 40-6, Jr. (MD 12-4).
2nd Place Match: Dylan Coffin (Saydel) 40-6, Jr. over Will May (Ballard) 33-18, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Will May (Ballard) 33-18, Jr. over Alex Peebles (Nevada) 13-24, Jr. (Dec 15-11).

170 Results

1st Place - Damon Piatt of Carlisle
2nd Place - Tucker Ksiazek of Bondurant-Farrar
3rd Place - Tanner Vermaas of Woodward-Granger
4th Place - Max Moulden of Ballard
1st Place Match: Damon Piatt (Carlisle) 34-6, . over Tucker Ksiazek (Bondurant-Farrar) 37-8, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
2nd Place Match: Tucker Ksiazek (Bondurant-Farrar) 37-8, Sr. over Tanner Vermaas (Woodward-Granger) 34-9, So. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Tanner Vermaas (Woodward-Granger) 34-9, So. over Max Moulden (Ballard) 26-18, Jr. (Dec 5-4).

182 Results

1st Place - Cole Bennett of ADM
2nd Place - Ben Claussen of Ballard
3rd Place - Isaac Benton of Van Meter
4th Place - Sam Mathis of Roland-Story
1st Place Match: Cole Bennett (ADM) 38-10, So. over Isaac Benton (Van Meter) 21-8, Jr. (Fall 2:41).
2nd Place Match: Ben Claussen (Ballard) 23-27, Sr. over Isaac Benton (Van Meter) 21-8, Jr. (Fall 8:00).
3rd Place Match: Ben Claussen (Ballard) 23-27, Sr. over Sam Mathis (Roland-Story) 37-7, Jr. (Dec 6-3).

195 Results

1st Place - Andrew Hill of Carlisle
2nd Place - Tanner Stille of Roland-Story
3rd Place - Hunter Gibson of ADM
4th Place - TJ Krehbeil of North Polk
1st Place Match: Andrew Hill (Carlisle) 20-12, Jr. over Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) 32-10, Jr. (Fall 1:44).
2nd Place Match: Tanner Stille (Roland-Story) 32-10, Jr. over Hunter Gibson (ADM) 41-7, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Hunter Gibson (ADM) 41-7, Jr. over TJ Krehbeil (North Polk) 20-6, Sr. (Fall 3:41).

220 Results

1st Place - Kelly Pierce of Gilbert
2nd Place - Zach Ostendorf of ADM
3rd Place - Easton Moody of Ballard
4th Place - Jake Henkelman of Carlisle
1st Place Match: Kelly Pierce (Gilbert) 45-2, Sr. over Zach Ostendorf (ADM) 28-22, Sr. (Fall 0:58).
2nd Place Match: Zach Ostendorf (ADM) 28-22, Sr. over Easton Moody (Ballard) 29-17, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match: Easton Moody (Ballard) 29-17, Jr. over Jake Henkelman (Carlisle) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 2:35).

285 Results

1st Place - Alex Silberstein of Ballard
2nd Place - Nathan Heath of ADM
3rd Place - Anthony Hanson of Carlisle
4th Place - Eli Harris of Gilbert
1st Place Match: Alex Silberstein (Ballard) 39-2, Sr. over Nathan Heath (ADM) 45-5, Jr. (Fall 1:22).
2nd Place Match: Nathan Heath (ADM) 45-5, Jr. over Anthony Hanson (Carlisle) 24-13, Jr. (Fall 0:13).
3rd Place Match: Anthony Hanson (Carlisle) 24-13, Jr. over Eli Harris (Gilbert) 31-18, So. (Fall 2:48).