The Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament at Centerville is the first round of qualifying for the 2015 Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournament. Find team match-ups and results here.

For each of the sixteen Class 1A and Class 2A Sectional Tournaments, the champion and runner-up wrestler in each weight class will advance to the District Tournaments on February 14.

The sectional team champion and runner-up will be the Regional Dual Team Qualifiers. The Class 1A & Class 2A team dual tournaments are set for Tuesday, February 10. Site locations and teams assigned to those sites will be announced after all sectional tournaments are completed.

Wrestling begins on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at noon.


1. Albia 198.0, 2. Knoxville 179.0, 3. PCM 161.0, 4. Chariton 151.5, 5. Centerville 129.0, 6 Davis County 68.0.

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106 Results
1st Place - Gabe Ruepke of Chariton
2nd Place - Tiger Terpstra of Centerville
3rd Place - Storm Little of Albia
4th Place - Jakeb Fenton of PCM

113 Results
1st Place - Dylin Harberts of Chariton
2nd Place - Ben Wooldridge of Knoxville
3rd Place - Ethan Wagner of Centerville
4th Place - Chace Palm of PCM

120 Results
1st Place - Zach Oldham of Albia
2nd Place - Michael Cope of Centerville

126 Results
1st Place - Tristan Clark of PCM
2nd Place - Noah Coatney of Centerville
3rd Place - Joe Hollinrake of Knoxville

132 Results
1st Place - Bradley Irwin of Centerville
2nd Place - Xavier Miller of PCM
3rd Place - Nick McDaniel of Chariton
4th Place - Walker Henderson of Davis County
5th Place - Jacob Fisher of Albia

138 Results
1st Place - Kyle Sinnott of Albia
2nd Place - CodyRay Smith of Knoxville
3rd Place - Evan Havick of Chariton
4th Place - Josh Morgan of Centerville
5th Place - Branen Pace of PCM

145 Results
1st Place - Blake Lawless of Albia
2nd Place - Kevin Woodhouse of Knoxville
3rd Place - Kale Baird of Davis County
4th Place - James Maggard of PCM
5th Place - Stephen Wardlow of Centerville

152 Results
1st Place - Bryce Leshen of Albia
2nd Place - Riley Spaur of Knoxville
3rd Place - Kade Warren of Centerville
4th Place - Luke Kramer of PCM

160 Results
1st Place - Devin Harberts of Chariton
2nd Place - Dylan Henderson of Davis County
3rd Place - Christian Powless of Albia
4th Place - Skyler Koder of PCM
5th Place - Mansel Johnston of Knoxville

170 Results
1st Place - Ron Marshall of PCM
2nd Place - Ben Mason of Albia
3rd Place - Cody Stevenson of Chariton
4th Place - Cameron Brown of Knoxville

182 Results
1st Place - Jac Agan of Knoxville
2nd Place - Tim Good of Chariton
3rd Place - Jaret Maggard of PCM
4th Place - Hunter Smoot of Davis County

195 Results
1st Place - Travis Poffenbarger of Knoxville
2nd Place - Jacob West of Albia
3rd Place - Clayton Welch of PCM

220 Results
1st Place - Carter Isley of Albia
2nd Place - Trevin Nance of Chariton
3rd Place - Jordan Beal of Knoxville
4th Place - Wyatt Dollins-Ewoldt of Centerville
5th Place - Mike Fagg of PCM

285 Results
1st Place - Brock Caviness of Knoxville
2nd Place - Ben Kincart of Davis County
3rd Place - Trever Blackford of Albia
4th Place - Trent Malone of PCM
5th Place - Chris Wright of Chariton