Pokemon Go was insanely popular this summer, but it also led to some insanely weird stuff. Let's recap!

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Riverton, WY- A 19-year-old girl was looking for water Pokemon, but found something much more disturbing.

Back in July, Shayla Wiggins was walking towards a nearby river hoping to catch a Pokemon from a natural water source when she noticed something floating in the distance. As she got closer she realized the "something" was actually a dead body.

To Shayla's credit, she actually STOPPED hunting Pokemon and called 911. That was the noble part...the weird part was her having to explain to cops what Pokemon Go actually was and why she was that close to the river in the the first place. [Kotaku.com]

Week one of the Pokemon Go craze got off to a morbid start.

From the morbid, to the stupid...

San Tan Valley, AZ- A woman and her husband were arrested after leaving their toddler at home in order to play Pokemon Go.

A neighbor noticed the child alone outside and called police. 25-year-old Brianne Daley and 27-year-old Brent Daley admitted to leaving the toddler for up to 90 minutes while they drove to nearby “parks and other places to interact with the game.”

The couple later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor endangerment. [Casa Grande Dispatch]

"Hey, what did you catch? A Pikachu? Caterpie? Charmander?"

"Nope. A Deadbeat."

O'Fallon, MO- Pokemon Go led to a string of armed robberies in the community.

Four men had been using the game to find players at popular PokeStops and then rob them at gunpoint. There were nine victims altogether, and the four suspects all ranged between age 16 and 18.

The O'Fallon Police Department alerted parents to make sure they know the whereabouts of their kids if they planned on playing the game. [Gizmodo]

The old "parents using video games as a babysitter" trick. Didn't work for me in 1991, probably isn't going to work for them in 2016...

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