Someone had a bad experience on Tinder (shocking...right?), a Florida teen steals a car but forgets a phone, and a "Mannequin Challenge" video leads to a drug raid... 

Framingham, MA- A young woman recently met a 19-year-old Jordan Callwood on Tinder. Their first date went well, so they met up again Sunday night. But their second date was memorable for a different reason.

Jordan disappeared halfway through the date . . . but not before the girl noticed $650 missing from her purse.

She called the cops when she figured out what happened, and they tracked Jordan down on Monday.

Callwood admitted to stealing the money. He said he she had given him $650 to buy marijuana. When the seller did not show up, he decided to keep the cash. "He said he didn't think he would get in trouble because the money was going to be used to buy drugs," Lt. Stephen Cronin said.

I'm not sure "I didn't steal the money, I'm buying drugs" is the best defense...but you can't blame the guy for trying. [MetroWest Daily News]

GAINESVILLE, FL- A 19-year-old man stole a car from a local convenience store...but was a little too hasty in his retreat.

The owner of the car was inside the store waiting in line when he noticed someone drive off in his car Sunday night. However, his cell phone was ALSO still in the car.

Police were able to use a mobile app to track down the stolen car. As officers approached, Tarik J. Simmons fled the vehicle, causing it to crash into a patrol car.

Did the cops use Waze? PLEASE tell me the cops used Waze. [Gainesville Sun]

Huntsville, AL- A "Mannequin Challenge" video went viral, probably because the group involved made it look like a SHOOTOUT.

The video, which has been shared nearly 86,000 times since it was posted to Facebook on Nov. 9th, shows several people in still poses holding guns, gave Madison County investigators enough suspicion to serve a search warrant.

On Tuesday morning, authorities raided the house featured in the video and found several bags marijuana, along with drug paraphernalia and many of the guns featured in the clip.

On the bright side, that is NEXT LEVEL meme status. []

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