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A couple discovers roommates defiling their toothbrushes, a man threatens to blow up his ex-girlfriend with encased meats, and a Cedar Valley man's luck totally stinks...literally...

New Zealand- A 28-year-old woman, "Sarah," and her boyfriend decided to have another couple move in with them earlier this year. But Sarah became suspicious that her new flatmates were messing with her stuff when she wasn't there.

So they set up hidden cameras to see if anything shady was going on. But what she found was worse--and more disgusting--than expected.

Turns out, the female was using Sarah's makeup and hair products without permission, but the guy had been taking Sarah and her boyfriend's toothbrushes . . . and RUBBING THEM on his GENITALS.

Sarah and her boyfriend confronted the junk-brusher...and moved out the next day. []

Sometimes, it's worth it to plop down the extra money and live by yourself.

Heilongjiang, China- A 30-year-old man was dumped by his girlfriend last week. He kept making attempts to reconcile, but she refused. So he got DESPERATE.

He told her if she wouldn't meet with him, he was going to detonate a bomb and KILL her and her family. He even sent her a photo of the bomb to show he wasn't bluffing. wasn't actually a bomb. He just wrapped some SAUSAGES in packing tape to look like sticks of dynamite. Problem is, his sister thought the bomb was real and called the police.

The jilted lover was arrested for endangering public safety. You can check out the sausage bomb HERE. [Shanghaiist]

Fayette County, IA- A 37-year-old Hawkeye man fell asleep at the wheel and accidentally drove his truck into a POO lagoon.

Shortly after midnight Monday (Dec. 7), the Fayette County Sheriff received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the St. Lucas waste water treatment lagoons. Authorities say Steven Langreck had dozed off while driving. His pickup traveled into a ditch, through a fence, and into the lagoon.

Hey, how about that...some ACTUAL "crappy" news...

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