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An Eastern Iowa day care experienced quite a "hard" scare last week, a Vietnamese man is recovering from "sharp" stomach pains, and a bro's New Year's celebration turns out to be a complete "flop."

Cedar Rapids, IA- Police were alerted to a possible bomb threat near a day care last week.

CRPD said that a suspicious item was found near the 600 block of 1st Avenue last Tuesday. A bomb robot checked areas around the Cedar Rapids Day School while there were kids inside. Authorities later determined that the package was not a threat, but actually a box of SEX TOYS.

Public Safety Communications Coordinator Greg Buelow says that the toys have been disposed of and the case is considered closed. [CBS 2]

I feel bad for the rookie cop who has to get rid of those: "Umm, excuse me, I have to record these into evidence...they're from a crime scene, I swear."


Hanoi, Vietnam- A man discovered a very unpleasant surprise during a recent hospital stay.

54-year-old Ma Van Nhat was complaining of severe abdominal pain. Doctors performed an ultrasound and found a PAIR OF SCISSORS in his colon. Mr. Nhat was injured in a car accident and surgeons accidentally left the 6-inch long scissors inside of him when they stitched him 1998!

Vietnam's Health Ministry says Ma had been drinking and eating normally for the past 18 years before reporting the stomach pains. [Bangkok Post]

I don't think there's a bottle of Pepto big enough to make me feel better after that one...

Menasha, WI- 25-year-old Cody Romano got drunk on Saturday night and went running through the streets to celebrate the New Year.

Romano spotted a police car, so he ran at it at full speed and did a BELLY FLOP onto the windshield.  The glass shattered, he left a dent in the hood, and then he took off. What he didn't know was that the cruiser was occupied by a Menasha Police Department officer (you can check out the dashcam video below).

After being apprehended, Romano was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for treatment. He was then booked into the county jail on multiple charges, including battery to a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct. [The Smoking Gun]

In retrospect, he probably wishes he could rewind to 2016 and take a few of those drinks off his bar tab.

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