Whether it's for beer, weed, or Taco Bell, we're all willing to do some crazy stuff from time to time...

New York City: A guy assaulted his waiter...over a bottle of lame beer.


33-year-old Anthony Williams was dining at Bistango, an upscale Italian restaurant, and asked the server for a Miller Lite. When he was told they didn't carry it, Williams LOST IT. According to a police report, Williams lifted the waiter off the ground and threw him over a table, injuring the guy and damaging about $150 worth of plates and glasses.

Williams then ran out of the restaurant. Police tracked him down outside of a liquor store...where he was buying beer...presumably Miller Lite. He was booked on charges of assault, harassment, and criminal mischief. [DNA Info]

Yes, because nothing pairs better with that $22 plate of spaghetti than a nice tall glass of swill...

Denver, CO: Authorities broke up a major drug trafficking ring.


Police linked six people to the crime, but 34-year-old Timothy Koch is the only one that's been arrested.

Back in May, investigators received a tip that Koch was running an illegal marijuana grow operation. Koch informed police that the pot found in his home was simply for personal use...all 278 pounds of it!

Authorities searched another home rented by Koch and found 300 pot plants and about 25 pounds of dry marijuana. A search of a partner's home turned up an additional 638 plants and 361 POUNDS of weed. Agents also seized more than $65,000 in cash.

Koch has been charged with five felony counts of drug cultivation and distribution. [Denver Post]

Recreational pot use is LEGAL in Colorado. Dude was sooooo close...

Jacksonville, FL: A prostitute offered up an interesting--if not desperate--exchange.

Getty Images

47-year-old Buffy Bryan (no way that's her real name) was arrested after offering to perform--services--on an undercover cop. Her method of payment? Two soft tacos from Taco Bell.

Yup. Buffy was willing to give it up for a grand total of TWO DOLLARS AND FOURTEEN CENTS. [Vice]

I mean, in fairness...who didn't feel like that in college? You'd probably do just about anything for Taco Bell at 3:00 a.m. on Thirsty Thursday...

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