Happy St. Patrick's Day! These people definitely DON'T have the luck of the Irish...

Los Angeles, CA- A robber got a lesson in karma VERY quickly.


A man was eating at Denny's overnight Wednesday when several guys tried to rob him at gunpoint. After they left, the victim got in his car and CHASED them. He then RAN OVER the gunman...which caused the gun to GO OFF...and the culprit was accidentally shot in the face!

He's still in the hopsital in critical condition...and awaiting charges. Police are still trying to find his co-conspirators. [San Jose Mercury News]

Did they try to rob Jason Statham? Vin Diesel? Who actually thinks about chasing down someone like that? I need to be friends with that guy.

Key West, FL- A woman was arrested after getting a bit too rough with her husband.

Michael Pemberton/Thinkstock

42-year-old Jennifer Hickman was on vacation with her hubby...the couple were enjoying some beverages and went back to their hotel room for some private time. A short time later, hotel employees heard the man screaming so they called police.

At some point during their "encounter" Hickman began aggressively biting her husband--and not in a playful way. She latched onto his forearm and wouldn't let go, and police heard Hickman repeatedly say she wanted to kill her husband. She also happens to be a dental hygenist...so teeth are sort of her thing.

Hickman was charged with domestic battery. [Florida Keys News]

Okeechobee, FL- A woman will have to wait to receive that "Mom of the Year" trophy.


31-year-old Christine Maier was pulled over Tuesday afternoon after an officer witnessed her buying drugs. Maier saw the police sirens and panicked, throwing a bag of hypodermic needles in the back seat of the car...right next to her toddler!

The officer also noticed a crystal-like residue in some of the needles, and Maier claimed that she was getting the syringes for a friend so he could inject meth. She's being held on charges of child neglect and possession of drug equipment. [WSB]

Way to show off those parenting skills, boo!

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