TGIF! Here is your daily dose of dumb...

South Euclid, OH- Police were called to a Taco Bell because of a saucy standoff.

A customer was holding up the drive-thru line...because the store had the audacity to run out of mild sauce.

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The disgruntled woman refused to move until they either found some sauce or gave her the food for half-price. Police advised the woman that the matter "was not likely going to be resolved at the drive-thru window, and suggested she return the next day to speak to a manager."  [ABC 5 -- Cleveland]

For as angry as she is, you think she'd prefer the Fire sauce...

Rock Hill, SC- The force is strong with this one.

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A man got into an argument with his 17-year-old stepdaughter last week. Things got so heated that she tried slashing him with a kitchen knife. The stepdad defended himself with the closest thing he could find...a toy light saber!

According to police, he was able to fend off her attack and hit her several times with the light saber before they stopped fighting. The stepdaughter was charged with assault and battery. [Charlotte Observer]

I think Yoda would say "Get new family, you should."

Panama City, FL- A man didn't do a very good job of disposing evidence.


35-year-old Curtis Jackson was involved in a police chase Tuesday night. As officers tried to pull him over, Jackson dumped a bottle of gin out his car window. BUT ... he forgot about the weed and cocaine he also had in the car.

Jackson faces charges of fleeing and eluding & drug possession. []

I feel like if I were in this situation I'd throw a banana peel out the window to see what works in Mario Kart...

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