Here are Tuesday's top stories:

A criminal needs to buy different pants, a mom forgets where she leaves her kid, and a woman REALLY didn't like her "coupling" getting interrupted...

Tucson, AZ- A perp literally got caught with his pants down.


A guy tried breaking into an elementary school Friday morning. The suspect was spooked after the school locksmith saw him...he tried to leave by jumping over a spiked fence in front of the school. But the dude's jeans were too baggy and his pant leg got caught on one of the fence's spires.

He was left dangling upside down with his pants around his ankles. A couple of passersby saw him...and naturally, posted pictures on social media. Cops eventually showed up, cut the man down and arrested him. [Tucson News Now]

Maybe he'll start wearing skinny jeans from now on...

Greenacres, FL- A woman was arrested this weekend after faking her daughter's kidnapping...

29-year-old Maria Irias reported her daughter missing on Saturday. She told police that they accepted a ride in a stranger's car. After arriving at her home, the driver sped away with her daughter still in the car. Cops went so far as issuing an Amber Alert for the missing girl. But it was all a sham.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Irias admitted to police that she made up the story out of embarrassment. She'd been drinking for most of the day and simply couldn't remember where her daughter was. Irias faces charges of child neglect and making a false report. [Sun-Sentinel]

Quick! Somebody make room for her "Mom of the Year" trophy!

Rosslyn, VA- A lady beat up a police officer...for interrupting her during sex...


42-year-old Nicole Faircloth and her boyfriend were caught doing the dance with no pants behind a fire station in BROAD DAYLIGHT last week. And she was NOT pleased when officers tried to stop them.

She turned her sexual passion into rage...and according to police, charged at the officer and struck him repeatedly. The couple was charged with performing a sexual act in public, while Faircloth was busted for assault and battery on an officer. [ARL Now]

If she's brazen enough to do it behind a fire station, she's probably not worried about attacking a cop. Just saying...

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