Happy Thursday! "Using food as weaponry" is today's theme...why are people so mad??

Ft. Walton Beach, FL- A woman flipped out at a drive-thru because she ordered from the wrong place.


Police were called to a Dunkin' Donuts early Tuesday morning after the irate customer stormed inside the store, verbally abused the manager and threw her drink at the cash register.

Why was she so upset, you may ask? She wasn't happy with the drink she ordered...because the actual drink she wanted is made at STARBUCKS.

The manager refused to make it for her, and that's when she snapped. According to the police report, the suspect was wearing her AIR FORCE UNIFORM at the time of the encounter. [NW Florida Daily News]

The customer is always right? NO! Sometimes the customer is an idiot.

Eustis, FL- A man assaulted his brother over a pair of underpants.

Brooke Elizabeth Becker

19-year-old Jeremiah Rios was at home Sunday morning when he saw his 17-year-old brother wearing a pair of HIS boxer briefs. His brother told police he took off the underwear and put it on Jeremiah’s bed, but the two continued to argue.

Eventually, Rios went into the dining room and grabbed a wine bottle, which he tried to smash against the door. When the bottle didn’t break, Rios allegedly swung the bottle and hit his brother’s left shoulder, leaving a bruise. The elder Rios was arrested for aggravated battery. [Orlando Sentinel]

I know what you're thinking ladies...what a complete waste of a bottle of wine!

Las Vegas, NV- Authorities are searching for a woman accused of poisoning her then-husband.


Prosecutors contend that 49-year-old Andrea Heming put ROACH KILLER in her husband's food, including energy drinks, whipped cream, and cereal.

The victim said he experienced stomach pain, diarrhea and nosebleeds for about six months before he caught on.

Heming told police that she wasn't trying to kill her husband...she was simply tired of having sex with him! She claimed that she would only poison him to the point where he could no longer get an erection.

She's been on the run for nearly TWO YEARS. [NBC 3 - Las Vegas]

I guess you could call her a cereal-killer?

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