A man and his pet get busted at a park, a gambler doesn't get to keep his money, and a woman gets arrested at Disney World...

Sioux Falls, SD- A man received a ticket last week...for not having his pet snake on a leash.


Jerry Kimball had his pet python with him at a park last Saturday and he had to think it was an April Fool's joke when an animal control officer administered a $190 ticket. Kimball was told his snake was "running at large" and that he needed to put a rope around it.

The city ordinance applies to all pets in public--warm-blooded or cold, 8-legged, 4-legged or legless. Animal Control said they do not expect snake owners to leash their pets, but they should be held or kept in a container. [Argus Leader]

I don't mind snakes personally, but he's lucky that's all that happened...

Seminole, FL- A guy wasn't allowed to claim his winnings at a casino...because some ELSE pushed the button for him.


66-year-old Jan Flato was gambling at the Hard Rock Casino when he won a $100,000 slot jackpot. The problem? He had a friend press the button for good luck.

35-year-old Marina Navarro claims that she actually had placed $400 in the machine and made a good-faith offer to split part of the prize, but Flato angrily refused. Flato tried to sue the casino, but lawyers wouldn't take the case because casino rules state that the wager is made by the player who pushes the button. [Miami Herald]

Orlando, FL- A woman is accused of choking a teenage girl at Walt Disney World.


41-year-old Tabbatha Mature was on vacation with her family and were trying to enjoy the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom when a group of teenagers stood up in front of her. According to police, Mature got aggravated and the group of girls decided to leave. When one of the girls offered up her spot, Mature grabbed her by the throat and started squeezing.

The girl didn't have any serious injuries, but Mature--quite the appropriate name, by the way--was arrested for felony child abuse. [Orlando Sentinel]

Don't fireworks launch into the sky? Apparently, she's never grasped the concept of LOOKING UP.

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