A diner charged into the sea to avoid paying his bill, a man drops a deuce in a laundromat, and parents ruin their kids' Easter fun...

Brisbane, Australia- A man binged on seafood...then tried to avoid paying by running into the ocean.


33-year-old Terry Peck allegedly ordered a baby octopus, TWO whole lobsters, SIX oysters, FOUR Coronas and TWENTY-ONE vodka oyster shooters. When all was said and done his bill totaled more than $600.

Peck left the restaurant without paying...and jumped into the ocean to avoid the law. Peck told police he wasn't trying to dine-and-dash, he'd gone to help a friend who was GIVING BIRTH on the beach. He also claimed that food was overpriced and the lobster was overcooked--which the restaurant vehemently denied.

Peck faces theft charges and has been banned from the restaurant for life. [News.com.au / The Guardian]

St. Petersburg, FL- A man was arrested for criminal mischief after defiling a laundromat.


57-year-old Michael Shannon entered the laundromat Saturday morning and went #2 on the floor. If that wasn't gross enough, Shannon then scooped up the mess and pressed it into the soap compartment of a laundry machine!

A customer saw everything happen and called the cops. [The Smoking Gun]

Either this guy was not in the right frame of mind...or this was the most cutting-edge detergent commercial EVER.

Pottstown, PA- A local Easter egg hunt has been cancelled...because parents kept ruining it.


The Norco Fire Company won't be having its annual Easter egg hunt because parents are posing a danger to children by running onto the field despite being told not to.

Norco's Fire Chief is disappointed that certain adults "just can't seem to let the kids have fun."

The fire department intends to try the Easter egg hunt again next year. [Time]

These are probably the same kinds of parents that insist their kid get a participation trophy. LIGHTEN UP.

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