A woman gets her purse stolen on the first date, you should probably quit eating salad, and you should never flush condoms down the toilet...

Phoenix, AZ- Online dating can be a drag, and this woman might want to ditch it altogether.


The unidentified woman met 38-year-old David Harlow through Tinder. After messaging for a few weeks the two decided to finally meet in person last month. During the date, she got up to use the bathroom. When she returned...Harlow was gone, and so was her purse.

Cops say Harlow went directly to a casino and used the victim's credit cards to withdraw $800. He was arrested this week for credit card theft and identity theft.

The victim admitted she felt comfortable enough to leave her belongings with the man because they had been talking for several weeks. [ABC 15 - Phoenix]

I think it's safe to say she won't be swiping right anytime soon...

Chevy Chase, MD- A grocery store received a creepy complaint.


Sri Boddupati purchased a bag of spinach Friday evening. When she opened the bag in Monday she noticed a SCORPION crawling inside. She captured the scorpion in a water bottle and then sent a cellphone video of incident to her husband. He went to the store later that day to complain, but the grocer didn't stop selling the spinach until TV stations started contacting him.

So far, there's been no recall issued. [NBC Washington]

They found a scorpion in a bag of spinach, someone else found a dead bat in their bag of lettuce last week. Clearly, the moral of this story is NEVER EAT SALAD.

Austin, TX- A massage parlor got busted for busted plumbing.


The owners of Jade Massage Parlor were also offering clients HAPPY ENDINGS as well as full-on honest-to-goodness sex. They'd gotten away with this for some time...until the strip mall where they were located had some serious plumbing issues.

The property manager investigated and found out that the parlor's owners had flushed HUNDREDS of condoms down the toilet! Police staked out the location and arrested the owners for engaging in organized criminal activity. [MySanAntonio.com]

Didn't anyone ever tell you not to flush condoms down the toilet? Rookie move.

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