A guy has the worst first day ever, a 911 caller forgets about his pot stash, and the government can't take a joke...

Barrie, Ontario, Canada- A man had a rough first day on the job.


A 20-year-old man started a new job at a fast-food chain last weekend. Usually, it takes time to build up resentment towards your boss. For this guy, it took ONE SHIFT. He allegedly got upset that his manager corrected him during training...so he punched him in the face (but haven't we all wanted to do that at least once?)!

The suspect then fled the store before police arrived but turned himself in the next day. And I'm guessing he won't have a job once he's out. [Hamilton Spectator]

He got fired quicker than Kendall Jenner. VERY impressive.

Ft. Myers, FL- Police found something they weren't expecting to find.


23-year-old Nathan Stone called 911 to report a break-in. Cops responded but did not spot an intruder...what they DID spot were marijuana plants growing in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

Stone's roommate, 18-year-old Rachel Stillwaggon, was found with illegal prescription drugs. Both were charged with felony marijuana possession. [NBC 2]

He was probably too high to realize that police were actually going to LOOK INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Havre, MT- The government refused to cash a tax check...because of a suggestive memo.


Scott Dion felt that he was paying too much in taxes (don't we all) and decided to have a bit of fun at the government's expense. Back in November he wrote a $746 check for his property tax, and wrote "sexual favors" on the memo line at the bottom. But the county treasurer REFUSED to cash it!

Dion said the rest of the check was normal, signed and made out to the county, and claims that he'd always written notes on the check in the past and there'd never been an issue cashing them. Dion had even wrote "Bulls***" on the memo of a check earlier in 2016...which the county cashed. [Billings Gazette]

You want the guy's money...then you get it...and won't take it. This is the kind of stuff that makes us not like the government. Thanks, Obama.

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