Two inmates outsmart an entire prison, a purse snatcher didn't make it very far, and United has another bad day...TGIF!

Marion, OH- Two men definitely made the most of their time behind bars.


The inmates were in a program where they took apart electronics for recycling. Security was so bad that the prisoners found a way to steal some of the parts and used them to build computers in their cells!

IT employees finally caught on after getting an alert about a computer using the prison's computer network that "had exceeded a daily internet usage threshold."

The inmates used the makeshift computers to apply for credit cards, send messages, research homemade drugs, and--of course--watch porn. [CNN]

Most criminals are pretty dumb...these guys know more about computers than I do.

Port St. Lucie, FL- A purse snatcher literally ran into police.


33-year-old Brian Siemenski stole the purse from a Denny's employee early Monday morning. Siemenski got into a struggle with the woman and ran off with the purse when he noticed a man in the parking lot. That guy followed him and called police.

The cops arrived just as Siemenski happened to be darting past them...he wound up running into the arms of one of the officers. He's facing robbery, burglary, and drug charges. [Palm Beach Post]

Houston, TX- A couple had an expected companion on their flight home.


Richard & Linda Bell were returning from a trip to Mexico on a United Airlines flight when a SCORPION fell from an overhead bin and landed on Mr. Bell's head. He went to pick up the scorpion when it stung him.

Because a passenger was bitten, police and medical personnel had to board the plane. Authorities said Mr. Bell had no complications and declined medical treatment. [Global News]

It's not like any other bad stuff has happened on United lately, so they should be fine...

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