A man's ex goes to great lengths to get revenge, United looks awful AGAIN, and a robbery takes five years to solve...

West Harlem, NY- A man is suing a dating app because of his ex's elaborate revenge plot.

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32-year-old Matthew Herrick claims that his ex-boyfriend set up multiple false profiles on the Grindr app. Herrick says that since October, more than a THOUSAND men have come to his home and workplace trying to have sex with him.

One of the fake profiles even says that Herrick has a RAPE fantasy, and that men should continue to be persistent when he refuses their advances. Herrick is suing Grindr for product liability because they hadn't shut down the fake accounts. [CNN]

In most cases, you'd be flattered if thousands of people were at your door trying to get a piece. This is NOT one of those cases...

Houston, TX- United is facing controversy again for mistreatment of passengers.


Michael Hohl and his fiance, Amber Maxwell, were flying to Costa Rica for their destination wedding this weekend. According to the groom, a man was spread across their row napping. The flight had several empty rows, so they moved up to different seats instead of trying to wake the man. When flight attendants asked if they were in their ticketed seats, they explained the situation but were asked to return to their assigned seats. They did so, but marshals removed them from the plane, claiming that they were being disorderly.

Hohl and his bride-to-be were forced to stay the night in Houston before flying out the next day. [KHOU]

I think we'd all be better off just WALKING everywhere from now on.

Laurel, MD- A former Walmart manager has finally been charged after staging a robbery...five years ago.

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Ansar Ali Younis was an employee back in 2012 when he was shot during an armed robbery. A man came into the store, pointed a gun at Younis, took $400,000 from the safe, and forced Younis outside at gunpoint before shooting him in the arm.

After police and the FBI continued to investigate, they found that Younis was in on thte robbery the whole time, assuming that he wouldn't be linked to the crime because of the shooting. Now, he and the gunman  are being charged with robbery conspiracy and aiding & abetting. [Baltimore Sun]

Five years?? Scooby and the gang would've had that figured out in about 20 minutes...

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