A Coachella thief swipes cell phones, a lost dog leads to a drug arrest, and a woman gets very angry about a ham...

Indio, CA- A man has been busted for stealing more than 100 cellphones while attending Coachella.


According to police, 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao had taken the smartphones from concertgoers during the first day of the festival. Some of the victims used GPS and phone tracking software to locate their and notify police.

Henao was arrested for grand theft and receiving stolen property. Check out a photo of all the stolen phones HERE. [Pitchfork / KMIR]

Because if you didn't post a video of EVERY song to your Instagram page, how wuld anyone know you were there????

Ocala, FL- A man was arrested...after reporting his dog had been stolen.


Jeremiah Williams reported his seven-year-old chihuahua missing last week. He told police that a man had stolen the dog and drove away with it.

An officer checked Williams' information and found out that he had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court. The cop also found some synthetic marijuana in his shorts pocket. Williams claimed he knew of the drugs...but that the shorts belonged to somebody else.

The chihuahua is still missing. [Ocala.com]

"Uh, yes sir, I know that those drugs are in those pants that definitely, totally aren't mine."

Snow Shoe Township, PA- An argument over ham landed a woman in jail.

28-year-old Kareese Raven and 52-year-old Greg Serb quarreled Saturday about the


proper way to cook their Easter ham...and the argument got pretty serious. Serb told cops that as he was putting the ham in the oven, his girlfriend began swinging a knife at him. She knicked him with the 11-INCH knife, lacerating his chest and finger.

Raven allegedly also threw a ceramic bowl at Serb's head, which caused minor injuries to his face. Making things worse, Raven threw the HAM at Serb as he tried to leave. She was arrested for felony assault. [The Smoking Gun]

Millions of hams were cooked for Easter dinner, this may be the only time something OTHER than the ham was stabbed...

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