Normally, I try to pick out stories that have happened fairly recently. However, in honor of 4/20, I've searched through the "Crappy News" archives to find some of the best weed-related stories from the past year. Behold...

Branson, MO- A guy was caught using groceries to get his smoke on.


21-year-old Benjamin Hensley was pulled over last September for a routine traffic stop, but the officer noticed the smell of marijuana from inside the car.

The cop asked Hensley if he'd been smoking while driving. He then pointed to an avocado that was resting in his vehicle's cup holder.

Hensley then retrieved a small bag of pot from the car’s center console and turned it over to a cop. Hensley was cited for possession of marijuana AND drug paraphernalia. [The Smoking Gun]

Look on the bright side: if he bought that avocado at Panchero's it would have cost him an extra dollar.

Clearwater, FL- A suspect chose possibly the worst getaway vehicle ever...

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Police spotted 20-year-old Jerome Dennis leaving a drug house and officers detected an odor of marijuana. As cops approached, Dennis attempted to leave the scene...on a hoverboard. To no one's surprise, Dennis wasn't getting away fast enough, so he tried fleeing on foot before being arrested.

He was booked on charges of drug possession and resisting arrest. [The Smoking Gun]

Could you imagine how hilarious it would be trying to claim your hoverboard from impound??

Epping, NH- Two fast-food employees were nailed for selling pot...from the DRIVE-THRU window!


19-year-old Megan Dearborn and 20-year-old Garrett Norris were arrested for distributing marijuana to customers at a Burger King drive-through. Police say buyers would ask if "Nasty Boy" was working. When confirmed, they'd ask for "extra crispy" fries, which was slang for wanting to purchase weed.

Undercover officers conducted a---wait for it--JOINT investigation before making their arrests. [Seacoast Online]

If someone was really smart, they'd be doing this at Starbucks every time someone orders a Unicorn frappuccino...

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