Justin Bieber causes a domestic dispute, a man blew up his own car, and a man gets blackmailed by a dominatrix...TGIF!

Traverse City, MI- A guy and his mom got into a fight...about Justin Bieber.

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The 21-year-old man was in a car Saturday afternoon, along with his mom, grandmother, and younger sister. A Bieber song came on the radio and police say "a verbal argument ensued regarding certain lyrics."

The argument got so heated, the mother pulled the car over, then climbed into the back seat. She alleges that her son CHOKED her before getting out of the car. He was arrested for domestic assault. [Record-Eagle]

In all fairness...who DOESN'T want to assault someone when Justin Bieber comes on the radio??

Odessa, TX- A man went to fiery lengths to make sure his car didn't get repossessed.


31-year-old Oscar Carrillo called 911 last month to report that he'd been kidnapped at gunpoint. Carrillo told police that the kidnapper made him drive his car to a secluded area. Once they got there, the suspect got out of the car and set it on fire.

The story didn't add up and cops eventually figured out that he had staged the kidnapping and torched his own car...because he was behind on his payments and was about to get it repo-ed. Police also found that Carrillo made five phone calls during the time he said he was kidnapped. [CBS7.com]

Remember...the cover-up is ALWAYS worse than the lie. Now he has no money, no car, AND he's getting made fun of on the Internet. TOTALLY worth all the trouble.

Waterbury, CT- A dominatrix has been arrested for extortion.


35-year-old Fatin "Teenie" Ward described herself as "black, dominant, and plus-sized" on the website Backpage.com, and that was obviously enough to attract this guy's attention.

According to police, the man paid $150 to clean her oven naked while she yelled at him. He paid $100 for a second rendezvous when he noticed she was recording him on her phone. Ward BLACKMAILED the guy by threatening to show the video to his family and friends unless he gave her $10,000!

Crazy thing is...he AGREED. But even after he paid her more than $5,000..."Teenie" still showed the video the his wife...so the guy FINALLY told police. Ward was charged with larceny, and "voyeurism with malice." [Waterbury Republican-American]

Wow, if you can't trust your dominatrix...who can you trust?

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