A man defiles a bookstore, a guy looks for a cop companion, and a prostitute makes a tasty offer...

Monroe, LA- A man took out his frustrations with a bookstore in a very erotic way.


71-year-old Nelson Lentz had a bad experience at a Books-A-Million store a while back. He decided to seek revenge by updating their inventory. And by "updating their inventory" I mean "stocking the store's religious section with SEX TOYS."

Surveillance cameras caught Lentz in the act, and he has been charged with trespassing and criminal mischief. [The Smoking Gun]

I'm not sure what's more surprising--that a 71-year-old man has a stash of love toys or that Louisiana actually has a bookstore.

Niceville, FL- A 67-year-old guy called 911 several times last week to see if a cop could get his roommate to leave.


But that "emergency" was really just a front for his real intention...he was looking for some HOT COP ACTION. The man kept requesting that they send over a, quote, "tall, dark, and handsome" officer to help out.  And he also specified that the cop should be at least 5-foot-9, and not wearing glasses.

He was charged with misuse of 911. There's no word on whether the arresting officer met his many, many physical requirements. [Crestview Bulletin]

Bradenton, FL- A hooker requested a delicious form of payment.


22-year-old Alex DiReeno was arrested during a prostitution sting Tuesday night. DiReeno offered an undercover cop "oral favors" in exchange for $25...and a box of Chicken McNuggets. On the way to McDonald's, the he stopped at a checkpoint where other officers were waiting to make the arrest. [The Smoking Gun]

I think she definitely needs to raise her prices, although I don't remember the last time I was THAT hungry...

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