It took awhile, but Iowa finally made it back on the list! Here are today's top stories:

Iowa City, IA- A man is in jail following his version of a "rabbit punch."

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45-year-old Adam Louis was arrested Wednesday following a confrontation at University of Iowa Hospital.

According to police, Louis attacked a female employee after she notified him that his pet rabbit had died. Louis allegedly punched the woman in the face and knocked her unconscious. The event happened in the hospital's psychiatric area, but police say Louis' actions were "not a result of mental illness." [The Smoking Gun]

You're right...only a COMPLETELY SANE person would cold-cock someone because of a bunny rabbit.

Bath Township, OH- A man recruited police to find HIS OWN drugs...


20-year-old Joseph Murphy call 911 asking for a drug-sniffing dog because a woman had stolen his heroin. Police body camera video shows officers questioning Murphy, who repeated the request. He then realized that his drugs hadn't been stolen, because he found it in his PANTS POCKET.

The heroin was seized and Murphy was arrested for drug possession. [NBC 5 Cleveland]

You know...some emergencies just aren't meant for the police to handle...

St. Albans, VT- A guy was arrested for being a bit too optimistic.


42-year-old Michael Marshall was caught Sunday afternoon with 40 marijuana plants inside his home. Marshall admitted to police that he thought the marijuana would be legal soon and wanted to get a head-start on growing some.

While I'm sure the cops admired his entrepreneurial spirit, Marshall has been charged with cultivating marijuana. []

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