Have any regrettable decisions from the weekend? You are not alone. Here are today's top stories:

Albuquerque, NM- A guy probably chose the dumbest possible way to pick up his ankle monitor.


20-year-old Alfonso Rodriguez was recently released from jail and needed to return to the courthouse to get the tracking device. However, he didn't have a way of getting there, so he did the smart thing...and STOLE A CAR.

Police received a silent alert from the vehicle and tracked down Rodriguez and his friend, 19-year-old John Benavidez, at the courthouse. Rodriguez hadn't even put his ankle monitor on before he was arrested again. The two are charged with auto theft. [KRQE-TV]

Sheffield Lake, OH- A man's romantic gesture landed him behind bars.


23-year-old Kyle Stump proposed to his girlfriend on March 17th. Sweet, right? Except he asked her to marry him by SPRAY PAINTING IT ON THE SIDE OF A BUILDING.

It said "Michelle, marry me. I love you. 3-17-17. Familia."

The good news is that she said yes. The bad news is that cops recognized the writing and arrested Stump for criminal mischief. [Fox 8 - Cleveland]

Millennials...always looking to make things Instagram-friendly. Just get on one knee like a NORMAL person!

Lynn haven, FL- A group of Spring Breakers were busted for pot...and tried to blame it on their rental car company.


A man was pulled over for driving erratically. Cops saw a leafy substance in the car that smelled and awful lot like marijuana. The driver initially passed it off as an oversight, telling police that someone else had LEFT the pot in their SUV and the rental car company must not have cleaned it up well enough.

SHOCKINGLY, police didn't buy the story, and also found several open alcohol containers in the vehicle. [NW Florida Daily News]

Truth be told, this is pretty tame compared to most Spring Break stories. The cop probably got made fun of back at the station.

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