Life hack: If the cops tell you to come pick up a package...DON'T COME PICK UP THE PACKAGE.

Bono, AR- A woman was arrested after her package of drugs was shipped to the wrong address...


A man received a package on Friday at his home on Crystal Street. He opened it and found five pounds of what looked to be methamphetamine. He alertly called police and officers brought the box back to the station.

Cops then contacted Rosey Snyder, the intended recipient of the package. When Snyder came by to pick it up she was arrested and charged with drug possession and trafficking. [KAIT-TV]

We're glossing over the best part of this story. A lady living on CRYSTAL Street got busted for METH.

Moulsoe, England- More proof that people will ALWAYS find a way to complain...


A man had a HEART ATTACK while staying at an inn called the Carrington Arms. A quick-thinking bartender was able to get help for the guy and save him. Despite this, the man's family still left the hotel a negative review on TripAdvisor. Why? Because breakfast wasn't included in the $75 rate. They also complained that the bar was substandard. [Mirror]

The staff LITERALLY saved this guy's life and that still isn't good enough to get a nice review. Trolls will troll no matter what...

Manchester, NH- A teen was jailed for some dirty deeds.


18-year-old Kristina Roberts was arrested last week after her and her boyfriend egged a neighbor's car.

The couple became confrontational with police and tried to prevent officers from entering their apartment. Once she was handcuffed, Roberts reportedly placed her buttocks on the arresting officer's leg and threatened to POOP on her.

She's been charged with simple assault & resisting arrest. []

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