Here are today's headlines:

A drunk guy doesn't seem to know it's not St. Patrick's Day anymore, a DJ doesn't realize which country he's in, and a thief has surprisingly good manners...

Newville, PA- A man just couldn't quite shake the St. Patrick's day spirit.


44-year-old Elwood Gutshall III--which sounds like a character from a bad horror movie--was charged with DUI, while wearing a green shirt that said "Drunk Lives Matter" with a clover inside the "r."

His blood alcohol level was .217, nearly THREE TIMES the legal limit. []

His shirt wasn't very clever...but it was beautifully ironic.

Hammamet, Tunisia- A DJ is facing heat for a controversial song selection.


British DJ Dax J sampled the Muslim call to prayer during his set list at last weekend's Orbit Festival...which might not have been a big deal...except that Tunisia is a MUSLIM COUNTRY.

Officials shut down the nightclub and the owner was arrested for "violation against good morals and public outrage against modesty.” Festival organizers apologized for the misunderstanding, saying Dax J did not realize the song could be considered offensive. [The Guardian]

No one bothered to tell this guy..."Hey, they take their religion pretty seriously. You might want to throw in a nice Bieber record instead."

Crestview, FL- A man broke into a pawn shop, but left some of his own valuables behind.


Police say the suspect stole various items, including a handgun. But the perp left his BICYCLE at the scene.

In addition to the bike, police found the suspect's backpack, which contained his hotel information.

Cops quickly tracked him down, and he admitted to the crime. Police say the suspect also wrote a voluntary apology letter to the pawn shop. [Crestview Bulletin]

The guy may be an idiot, but at least he's a POLITE idiot...

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