A photo op almost turned deadly, a shoplifter couldn't make it out of the store, and a lottery winner didn't spend his cash wisely...

Sacramento, CA- A young woman's selfie almost got her killed.


The unidentified woman fell off a bridge while posing for a picture with friends. According to friends, the group was walking on the bridge's beams when she lost her footing, fell backwards and plunged 60 feet onto a trail below.

The victim was knocked unconscious, suffered a gash to her arm, and fractured bones. [CNN]

Further proof that we'll stop at nothing to get the perfect Instagram post.

Crestview, FL- A woman was too drunk to leave the store she JUST stole from.


A customer called police after witnessing the 52-year-old lady steal several alcoholic beverages from the convenience store, including two cans of Bud Light and a bottle of Menage a Trois red wine...clearly, she's one classy gal.

However, the suspect was so sloshed at the time of the theft that she passed out right in front of the store! Police reviewed security camera footage and saw her take the items. The woman had four prior arrests for theft. [Crestview Bulletin]

If you're going to steal something, at least make sure you're CAPABLE of getting away...

Waycross, GA- A man used his lottery winnings to finance drug trafficking. Seriously.


46-year-old Ronnie Music, Jr., won a $3 million jackpot in 2015 and was sentenced on Monday for his involvement in a multi-state drug ring, including an operation within a Georgia prison.

Authorities say Music helped supply methamphetamine to inmates using drones and cellphones.

Music will face the music in prison for the next 21 YEARS. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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