Happy Hump Day! Here are today's top stories:

A man divorces his wife because of Snapchat, a woman has her kid take the wheel, and a city unites against a horrible driver...

Amman, Jordan- A man left his wife because of her Snapchat photos...but not the kind of photos you may be thinking of.

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The couple was on a date at a restaurant last week. After a long wait, they finally got their food. But his wife wouldn't let him eat until she was finished taking pictures of their meal on Snapchat.

The man was so furious that he DIVORCED her on the spot--which IS allowed under Islamic law. He then left the restaurant without paying the bill. [Khaleej Times]

Seems a little abrupt, even for the strictest religion.

Milwaukee, WI- A woman needs to start shining up her 'Mom of the Year' trophy...


37-year-old Carrie Bernard got pulled over Thursday night after a cop noticed her driving with a small child sitting on her lap. Turns out, Bernard was HAMMERED and she had 8-year-old steering the car for her!

According to police, Bernard was visibly drunk and failed several sobriety tests. Then, her kid started crying because he thought HE was going to jail. This was also Bernard's third DUI arrest, so her son was given to Child Protective Services. [St. Paul Pioneer Press]

At least have a designated driver that's OLD ENOUGH to drive...

Topeka, KS- A woman is SUCH a bad driver...she has a Facebook page dedicated to her!


The Facebook account "CRV Lady Awareness of Topeka" was created to warn drivers when she's on the road. Patricia McDonald, the page's namesake, recently had her license revoked, and got into an argument with a convenience store clerk after she couldn't present her ID. Police came to the store, and McDonald argued with officers before driving away erratically and swerving into oncoming traffic.

McDonald is accused of two major driving violations, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, all within the last two months. [KSNT]

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