Happy Hump Day! Here are today's top stories...

Hancock County, IN- A man has been arrested after a two-month long drug sting.

Greenfield, IN Police Dept.

30-year-old Jeramie Smith faces 10 felonies after police seized methamphetamine, baggies, scales, syringes and concentrated THC.

Cops also found Sweet Tarts & Smarties candies laced with drugs. Police say the candies have similar side effects to Xanax and pose a threat to unsuspecting children. The candies were valued at about $20,000.

Smith faces 10 felonies, including possession of methamphetamine, and dealing a controlled substance. [Indianapolis Star]

His punishment probably WON'T be very sweet.

Plymouth Township, MI- Police got smoked out of their own arrest...


A 16-year-old girl threw a massive house party on Saturday while her parents were on vacation. Cops received several calls and raided the home. Nearly 300 partygoers fled when police arrived.

Authorities say the home was so full of marijuana smoke, the officers had to step outside and take breaks for fresh air!

Police will follow up with parents before deciding to issue any punishment. [MLive.com]

Did they take breaks to get munchies, too? I certainly would...

Leeds, England- A man was assaulted last month by a man wearing a--let's call it "distinctive"--disguise.


The 26-year-old victim was out with friends back in April when a man dressed in a penis costume beat him up, broke his shin and shattered his knee.

The assailant was described as white, about six feet tall, with a shaved head. The man dressed in the inflatable penis outfit was said to be part of a large group when he attacked the victim. Police are still searching for the suspect. [Mirror]

Seriously, it must be pretty difficult to call the cops and say you've been attacked by a six-foot penis...but here we are.

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