A shady florist, a clumsy criminal, and a violent first date--here are today's top stories:

Pompton Plains, NJ- A florist was arrested for selling flowers she'd stolen from people's GRAVES.


Police had been receiving calls about thefts from a local cemetery. Cops replaced some of the plants and installed cameras near a mausoleum, but got another call a few days later. Security video showed 59-year-old Lynda Wingate drive up to the mausoleum and put the flowers in her vehicle.

Wingate told police that she'd simply been cleaning up old flowers from the gravesites of people she knew.

She's been charged with theft of moveable property. [NBC New York]

Lorain, OH- A minor crime turned into a major offense in about two seconds.


39-year-old Lemar Reed was in court for a traffic violation, and he took off his baseball cap when he addressed the judge. In doing so, Reed unknowingly dropped a bag of COCAINE onto the floor. It wasn't until about an hour later that a courtroom security officer spotted the bag.

He checked surveillance camera footage and was able to trace it back to Reed, who was eventually arrested for felony drug possession. [Fox 8 - Cleveland]

Hong Kong- Going "Dutch" turned into a brawl.


A 38-year-old woman and 37-year-old man went out on their first date Sunday night. Things must have been going well, because the couple stayed at the restaurant for several hours and drank THREE BOTTLES of sake together...

The guy insisted on paying the $274 bill, but the woman wanted to pitch in because of the high cost. According to police, he tore up his date's money and the two began physically fighting inside the restaurant. Both were treated for minor injuries, and each was charged with assault. Which seems like a huge waste, considering he still ended up paying for the whole meal. [South China Morning Post]

These two will either NEVER date again, or wind up being married for 50 years...

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