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A roller coaster gets stuck, a pair of teachers get fired, and a hunter gets killed...

Arlington, TX- Students had to be rescued after getting trapped on a roller coaster overnight.


Eight students were passengers on the Joker roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas this weekend when the ride malfunctioned. The kids were positioned on their backs when the 120-foot-tall coaster stalled.

Making things worse, a wave of heavy storms came through the area and doused the helpless passengers.

It took approximately THREE-AND-A-HALF HOURS for crews to complete the rescue. It's still unclear what caused the ride to break down. []

No one was injured, and now they'll have a funny story to about 20 years.

Conyers, GA- Two teachers have been fired after mocking a student.


During a school assembly last week, the teachers--people who are supposed to shape young people's minds and be positive role models for our children--presented a 14-year-old girl with ADHD an award for "Most Likely to Not Pay Attention."

Naturally, the girl's mother flipped out and complained to the school. The school apologized to the family and said that the teachers involved would not be returning next year. [WSB-TV]

Shouldn't teachers know better than to do this? You know this is 2017, right? SOMEONE is going to get upset about this. You just lost your job because you don't have any common sense...

Zimbabwe, Africa- A big game hunter was killed some some REALLY big game fell on him...


51-year-old Thuenis Botha was leading a hunting expedition when the group mistakenly walked into a herd of breeding elephants.

Three of the elephants charged at the hunters, and Botha and his crew fired at them. A fourth elephant surprised Botha and lifted him up with her trunk. One of the hunters managed to shoot and kill the elephant...which collapsed ONTO Botha, crushing him to death. [Telegraph]

Regardless of how you feel about hunting, you've got to believe that karma played a part in this.

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