A drunk guy gets the ride of his life, a man claims that "Titanic" ripped off his life, and a cop stuffs meat in his pants...

Memphis, TN- A couple drove home with an unexpected passenger.


Carl & Hazel Webb were heading home from a barbecue festival Thursday night when they were stopped by police. The couple was unaware that a drunk man had fallen asleep on the trunk of the car. Even stranger, the Webbs had driven 14 MILES without noticing. It was dark, and Mr. Webb had his sunshade up, obscuring his view of the back window.

The officer woke up the drunk man, who was so disoriented he began to wander into traffic. The man was not identified by police, and it's unsure if he's being charged. [Fox 13 Memphis / Daily Mail]

Brevard County, FL- A man is claiming that he was the inspiration for one of the most famous movie roles of all time.

Paramount Pictures

Stephen Cummings claims that the movie Titanic stole HIS life story.

Cummings says the Jack Dawson character--played by Leonardo DiCaprio--was based on events that happened in his own life, and that director James Cameron learned about him through "word of mouth."

Cummings also says the depiction of the Titanic sinking wasn't based on history, but on stories he told friends about two of his relatives who were aboard the actual ship.

Cummings is seeking $300 MILLION plus 1% of the film's royalties, which is around an extra $25 million. [TMZ]

Bro...this movie came out in 1997...where have you been hiding for the last 20 years?!

St. John, MO- A policeman is out of a job after stuffing meat in his PANTS.


Sgt. Matthew Barthelmass was at a grocery store last month when he stole something from the meat counter and tucked it inside his waistband. Store security confronted Barthelmass, who said he worked for the police department...as if that make it okay to steal things. Witnesses say the sergeant did pay for the items in his cart, but not the meat in his pants.

Barthelmass had been with the force for the past 10 years. [KMOV-TV]

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