A craft project puts a school on lockdown, a chef has a beef about sausage, and Walter White may ACTUALLY be a real person...

Hamilton, NY- A college campus was placed on lockdown earlier this week after reports of a student carrying a weapon.


Police at Colgate University received an alert about an armed person walking through the campus dining hall. After a brief investigation it was confirmed that the student in question was using a HOT GLUE gun for an art project.

Several students claimed that the report was an overreaction and racially motivated because the student was African-American. [Huffington Post]

St. Augustine, FL- A cook got upset after overhearing his girlfriend talking about sausage.


28-year-old Eddie Maldonado and his squeeze, Nancy Miranda, each work at an Italian restaurant. Last week, Maldonado walked in on his girlfriend having a conversation with a male co-worker...about sausage....which seems like it would be no big deal. Except Maldonado thought it was a sexual innuendo and ASSAULTED the guy.

Police say the two men went outside to have it out, and Maldonado began choking 26-year-old Esteban Parra in the parking lot. The victim said he bit Maldonado on the arm, which caused him to release the chokehold. Maldonado was arrested for felony battery. [The Smoking Gun]

Looks like somebody is insecure about his sausage...

Las Cruces, NM- A former science teacher has pleaded guilty to manufacturing meth. No...this ISN'T the plot of Breaking Bad, it's just eerily similar.


56-year-old John Gose was arrested last fall after police found a styrofoam ice chest in his vehicle containing glassware, rubber tubing and chemicals used to make crystal meth. Cops then searched Gose's house and found "ingredients necessary to yield at least one pound of methamphetamine" which would be worth about $45,000.

Gose, who was a middle school chem teacher at the time of the arrest, will be sentenced following a 60-day evaluation. [KVAL]

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