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A woman's fast food wasn't fast enough, a prank ends badly, and a guy loses a part of his manhood...

Waco, TX-  A woman called 911...because of chicken nuggets.


On June 9th, McDonald's management called police to report the woman was parked in their drive-through lane and was refusing to move, despite the fact that there were several vehicles behind her in line.

It was during that time that the angry customer called 911 to whine that her McNuggets weren't getting made McFast enough and she was mad that the restaurant wouldn't give them to her for free.

Waco P.D. detailed the incident on their Facebook page. McDonald's gave the angry woman her money back...but without her nuggets. [KWTX-TV]

I've never waited in line so long that I thought "yeah, I definitely need to get the cops involved in this." But that's because I'm not a complete moron.

Bradenton, FL- A guy tried to catch a thief, but caught his mailman instead.


63-year-old Nicholas Dibble was agitated by people allegedly stealing his mail, so he decided to try to catch them in the act by placing a mousetrap in his mailbox. Dibble said he planned to tell the mail carrier about it, but the postman showed up at a different time than usual and her hand got caught in the trap.

She decided not to press charges, but the Postal Service is now refusing to deliver mail to his house; Dibble will have to go to the post office and pick it up. [The Smoking Gun]

Huntingdon, PA- This is probably one of the most humiliating things that could happen to a man.

Ingram Publishing

54-year-old Steven Haines visited a urologist back in 2013 to treat recurring pain he'd been having in his right testicle. The doctor opted to remove the testicle...but accidentally removed the WRONG ONE. He took out the healthy one, instead.

Dr. V. Spencer Long was ruled to be reckless and negligent, and Haines was awarded $870,000 in damages.

Haines’ lawyer says his client remains in pain, but has a “debilitating fear” of seeking further treatment for his problem. [CBS Pittsburgh]

I'm not sure if any amount of money would make me feel better...

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