An extreme case of Starbucks rage, a woman steals money to boost her butt, and a farmer drunkenly fights a pig...

Chicago, IL- A man was stabbed last weekend...because of Starbucks.


The incident happened Sunday afternoon after an angry customer was yelling at the staff for getting his drink order wrong. Another customer called him out and the two began fighting. During the scuffle, the second guy grabbed a pocket knife and sliced the other man on the hand.

Neither man decided to press charges and no arrests were made, probably because they can't get venti sugar-free soy caramel macchiatos while in jail. [CBS 2 Chicago]

Gainesville, FL-  A former city employee is accused of embezzling more than $90,000.


33-year-old Natwaina Clark reportedly charged her city-issued credit card 136 times for roughly $61,000 in unauthorized charges, used her bosses’ cards at least 36 more times for an additional $31,000, and spent nearly $900 on a coworker’s card five times between November 2015 and March 2017.

Clark funneled more than $40K to her PayPal account, paying bills, buying groceries and a large TV...and spending $8,500 on a Brazilian butt lift. She was finally caught back in March.

Clark is facing seven felony charges, including fraud and larceny. [Gainesville Sun]

Sadly, there aren't any "before and after" butt photos.

San Lucas Ojitlan, MX- A farmer was killed after drunkenly fighting...with a pig.


60-year-old Miguel Anaya Pablo began fighting with his porcine pal after a night of drinking. The pig became aggressive when Pablo provoked it and bit off three of his fingers and his PENIS.

Pablo was taken to a nearby hospital but he died from a bacterial infection caused by the bites. []

This was reported by a local newspaper in a small town in Mexico, so the story might not be 100% true...but who would make something like that up?

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