Here are today's top stories: Police chase a tractor, a drunk guy drives up stairs, and a tree (literally) crashes a party...

Omaha, NE- Cops chased after a man driving a tractor through a Walmart parking lot.


The pursuit started around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. During the chase, the driver berated police and yelled for them to bring him a sandwich and a glass of water. The man then turned out of the parking lot and crashed the tractor through a nearby fence.

The driver was eventually arrested after a brief scuffle. [KETV - Omaha]

That might be one of the most "Nebraska" stories ever.

Lakeland, FL- A man was arrested for DUI after trying to drive up a flight of stairs.


25-year-old Derek Whiting accidentally drove onto a sidewalk while drunk. According to police, Whiting also struck a concrete sphere and traveled across a patch of grass onto a different walkway. Officers arrived as Whiting was attempting to drive up the stairs.

Whiting's blood alcohol level was .188, almost two-and-a-half times the legal limit of .08. Making matters worse, he mangled the front end of his car in the process. [Lakeland Ledger]

That might be one of the most "Florida" stories ever.

Mt. Pleasant, PA- A soon-to-be dad almost died during his baby's gender reveal!


23-year-old Zack Muellerleile and his wife Joscelyn were holding the party in their backyard this weekend. The couple found out they were having a boy and as they were celebrating, someone heard a loud crack.

Joscelyn's father yelled that a tree was about to fall, but Zack couldn't get out of the way fast enough. Fortunately, the tree mostly struck a Jeep that was parked in the driveway, or he actually might've been killed. One of the limbs of the tree landed just a few inches from Zack's head.

He did suffer a broken leg and ankle...and his family had to use a floor jack and a chainsaw to get the tree off him. [CBS Pittsburgh]

Apparently, Mother Nature ALSO thinks gender reveal parties are overrated...

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