Admit it, you've driven while distracted. It's ok...we all have. But THIS girl takes it to the next level. This is 'Crappy News' for Monday, September 11th.

Los Angeles, CA- Police are on the hunt for a pair of poopy pickpockets.


Cops say a couple approached a man and told him there was bird droppings on his back. The pair then took the victim's wallet out of his back pocket while pretending to wipe the poop from his shirt. The thieves used the same trick to distract another victim, stealing a camera from the person's backpack.

Officers released security camera images of the suspects hoping someone could identify the "bird poop bandits." [UPI]

Stayner, Ontario, Canada- A woman crashed her car--while looking for her distracted driving ticket.


The 19-year-old was pulled over Tuesday morning and given a citation for distracted driving. She then crashed into another vehicle at an intersection eleven minutes later.  ELEVEN. MINUTES. LATER. She told police that she'd been rummaging around in her car looking for her prior distracted driving ticket, and--WAIT FOR IT--got distracted.

She was given an additional ticket for careless driving. [CTV News]

How much stuff does she have in her car?? Probably hiding a body in there...

Cleveland, OH- Three Taco Bell employees shot and killed a robbery suspect.

Getty Images

Two armed men wearing bandanas attempted to rob the restaurant Wednesday afternoon. They ordered the three employees to the ground at gunpoint, then began to empty the cash register. The employees got off the floor, pulled out weapons of their own, and fired shots at the suspects.

The first robber was shot six times and later died from his injuries.

There were no customers inside the restaurant at the time of the shooting. Police have not yet identified the employees who fired the shots, or the robber who was killed. []

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